Farewell Matt!


All throughout life we are faced with choices, some work out for better, some for the worse. Personally and professionally, each choice we make sets our life on a new path and it can change the course of your life. Recently, I have made the decision to leave Foundry Sports Medicine. I wanted to use my last blog posting as an opportunity to thank all of my colleagues at Foundry and the wonderful patients for the great experience that I have had as a Foundry employee. 

In February of 2005 my wife and I made the choice to move from Annapolis, Maryland to New England to be closer to family. Naturally, finding employment was a top priority. After an extensive search I came across an ad for Foundry Sports Medicine and Fitness and little did I know that finding this ad would change the course of my life for the next ten years. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Michael Wiggins, the founder of Foundry Sports Medicine, and Norma Morrison, Foundry’s first VP of Operations, for the opportunity they gave me all those years ago. 

Over my tenure at Foundry I have had the pleasure of working with large group of extremely talented, dedicated, and inspiring people. All of the members of the staff at Foundry are so committed to their patients. Providing the best care possible has always been the top priority and finding a group like minded individuals to work with everyday has made my time at Foundry extremely rewarding. The opportunities for me to grow as a clinician have been countless. I have always felt supported in my desire to learn new treatment techniques and advance my skill set.

It is a bittersweet experience to be closing in on my last day at Foundry, but it is also a new chapter for my life and career. Foundry has been a terrific place to work and I have been able to make countless friendships. I wish Foundry Orthopedics and Sports Medicine continued growth and success in the future!