Back pain is one of the most common complaints which contributes to missed work days, reduced quality of life, and an inability to perform everyday activities. Back, lower-back, and neck ailments vary greatly in severity and degeneration, patient by patient, requiring a thorough exam for proper diagnosis.

When conservative methods – such as R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), lower back exercises, physical therapy, or pain medications – do not alleviate pain, surgical intervention may be indicated. Spine surgery today allows many patients to return to their active lifestyles in as little as three weeks.

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January 25, 2019/ Back Pain Spine / Dr. Ian Madom

A GPS for your Spine Surgeon

Until recently, surgeons could only rely on their knowledge of anatomy and fluoroscopy machines that emit significant radiation but make surgery safer. Spine surgery has offered high rates of success to alleviate buttock and leg pain however, we all have thought: there has to be a better way. We need more accuracy. We need less radiation to patients and operating room staff. We need a tool that cam make less invasive surgical options safer and more accessible to patients. Enter the ......

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June 22, 2018/ Back Pain ORI Blog Spine / Orthopedics Rhode Island

Dr. Ian Madom joins the #BETTER #FASTER Podcast

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February 25, 2018/ Spine / Dr. Ian Madom

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a pretty common problem that I see. Next to back pain, it is one of the biggest causes of disability out there. However, most neck pain is self-limited and will get better with a little time and rest. Sometimes ibuprofen for a few days will do the trick, and when it really just won’t go away, a physical therapist can help. However, some neck pain.....

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November 30, 2017/ Back Pain MRI / Dr. Anthony Deluise

When is MRI necessary for back pain?

An MRI is useful for patients who do not respond to conservative care . If you have had treatment for six weeks and are still very uncomfortable, then an MRI is a very appropriate next step to be sure that nothing more than a soft tissue injury is causing your pain.  Treatment is dependent upon the underlying problem.  Progressive weakness or...

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July 13, 2017/ Back Pain Spine / Dr. Anthony Deluise

Bulges, protrusions and tears: When the lumbar disc matters

Back pain is second only to upper respiratory tract infection as the cause of visits to the doctor.   Sixty to 80% of people will suffer from low back pain in their lifetime. More than half of patients who seek treatment for low back pain will recover in one week and 90% will we recover within 1 to 3 months.

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June 2, 2017/ Back Pain Health Interesting Orthopedic Surgeons / Dr. Anthony Deluise

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon for your care can feel like a daunting process. And while reputation of the surgeon is an important factor, there are other things to consider before signing up for a surgery. Finding a doc who takes time to answer your questions and is comfortable with the idea of a second opinion are both good signs. Yet, even more important is finding a surgeon who wants to ensure that you have exhausted all non-operative options before considering surgery. Nowhere is this more important than when considering surgery for your spine.

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May 5, 2017/ Back Pain Exercise Interesting / Amanda McKenna

It’s Golf Season!

Now time for back pain…or maybe not! Many avid golfers complain of chronic low back pain as the season progresses. Warming-up often gets overlooked as people get right into swinging, whether at the driving range or at the first hole. Here are a few mobility drills that will help to get the body warmed-up and help to prevent injury, especially at the low back.

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April 12, 2017/ Back Pain / Cindy Napier

Oh My Aching Back!

More than 80% of the US population will experience an episode of low back pain in their lives, and 95% of those with low back pain will recover within a few months of onset. Some will not recover after the first three months and develop chronic low back pain. I was recently part of the latter group. Almost 2 years of left leg pain which eventually ended with surgery, a left L5-S1 discectomy.

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March 16, 2016/ Back Pain Bone Health Get to Know Health / Ortho Rhode Island

Correct Posture While Sitting at a Desk

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