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Orthopedic Specialties: Foot & Ankle

Foot and ankle anatomy

Foot and Ankle Anatomy


With 28 bones and 33 joints each, our feet are some of the most complex elements of our musculoskeletal system. The ankle has three bones that create the up-and-down and side-to-side movement of the feet, and its muscles, tendons, and ligaments allow for the complex movements needed for balance. Injury, congenital abnormalities, infection, arthritis, and even improper footwear can cause complex foot and ankle pain that is debilitating for everyday life. Our foot and ankle specialists work to restore or improve function and stability through a variety of treatments, including medication, immobilization, physical therapy, and surgical intervention.

Our Approach

Our foot and ankle team believes that understanding your unique symptoms and lifestyle goals is crucial to creating a successful treatment plan that meets your needs. This individualized care enables our specialists to focus on getting you moving again, so you can return to what matters most.

We believe in a conservative, comprehensive approach to treatment, utilizing minimally invasive measures whenever possible to help restore function and mobility to patients. In cases that require surgical intervention, we offer education and guidance to patients to help them make informed decisions about what’s best for them. Through this collaboration, we can help you get back to your life.

Leadership in Innovation

We believe the marriage of technology and medicine leads to safer, more effective treatment for healthier, happier patients. As a leader in emerging orthopedic technology, Ortho Rhode Island is pioneering state-of-the-art orthopedic tools and techniques:

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections  •  BioCartilage Procedures  •  Internal Brace Procedures

Foot & Ankle Specialists
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May 20, 2021/ Ankle & Foot / Dr. Eric Buchbaum

Quarantine Feet

Though many of us were taught that shoes bring dirt into the home, wearing supportive footwear indoors may help to avoid “quarantine feet”. I often recommend Oofos or Birkenstocks to wear in the home to help alleviate the stresses that excessive barefoot can bring if regular shoes are not being used. Additionally, there has been a rise in toe fractures from lack of shoe wearing in the home. Rooms have been rearranged for zoom meeting, computer cords are snaked around the floor, and juggling work and home in the same location can lead to a less attentive state precipitating trauma. The old saying that

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April 15, 2021/ Ankle & Foot Sports Medicine / Ryan O'Kelly

High Ankle Sprain

As the upcoming 2021 NFL draft approaches and the excitement for the NFL season begins, I would like to take a minute to discuss a common injury sustained by NFL athletes, the “High Ankle Sprain”. This past football season Christian McCaffrey, a running back for the Carolina Panthers, sustained a high ankle sprain early last year devastating fantasy football owners. A high ankle sprain is also known...

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March 10, 2021/ Ankle & Foot / Dr. Tony Mechrefe       

The Mighty Achilles

One of the most common reasons for patients to present to my office is for Achilles tendon problems. The Achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the human body, capable of propelling the human body into running, jumping and explosive activities that are often capable of handling three to four times body weight. As such, the Achilles tendon is under a tremendous amount of stress and is able to handle this often without much issue. However, Achilles problems can be incredibly disabling, and range from simple Achilles’ tendonitis to Achilles tendinopathy and ultimately Achilles’ tendon ruptures. The reason the Achilles is susceptible to these problems is secondary to overuse, genetics, and anatomy. The anatomy of the Achilles is such that its muscular origin lies in both the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles.....

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February 9, 2021/ Ankle & Foot / Dr. David Caldarella

Ankle Sprains and Chronic Instability: What it is and How we treat it…..

Have you ever experienced a bad ankle sprain? Does your ankle always seem to easily roll over or just feel weak or painful ? Do you feel you can’t trust your ankle in certain activities you used to enjoy? Well you’re not alone. It’s a pretty common problem in adolescents and adults. Here’s a few statistics on ankle sprains…… Ankle sprains are in fact the...

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December 16, 2020/ Ankle & Foot / Arlene Kavanagh

Big toe. Big problems.

The big toe, or hallux, can have several pain generators. The pain can vary from annoying to debilitating. The first metatarsal phalangeal (MTP) joint is where the long bone (metatarsal) of the foot meets the big toe. This joint can have multiple issues. Some of the common ones are listed below.

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November 11, 2020/ Ankle & Foot / Jason Tartaglione

Wait, what? My ankle joint can be replaced?

However, few patients are aware of ankle arthritis, as it is far less common than hip and knee arthritis, and the ways in which it can be treated. Biomechanically, the ankle joint demonstrates a significantly decreased surface area as compared to other load-bearing joints such as the hip and knee. Therefore, ankle cartilage (the soft tissue lining of joints) and its properties are inherently different from hip and knee cartilage. The most common cause of

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September 10, 2020/ Ankle & Foot / Dr. Anthony Deluise


When your feet hurt your whole body is affected. Luckily in the past couple of decades there has been great advances in shoe technology. It is also fairly easy to find a pedorthist ( C.Ped) or certified Orthopedic Shoe technician (O.S.T.) to assist in finding the right shoe type, obtain a custom fit and OTC orthotics if needed. We all know the importance of a good fitting pair of shoes but did you know that no one lacing pattern is perfect for all feet? If fact changing the way you lace your shoes may greatly affect comfort and foot health depending on your foot type. One foot issue that is common in women is.....

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August 21, 2020/ Ankle & Foot / Dr. George Moniz

What are Prescription Custom Orthotics?

I have often been asked what the difference is between a custom orthotic and a shoe insert. Custom orthotics are specifically made devices designed to support, brace and biomechanically correct your feet. Prescription custom orthotics are crafted and specifically made for you and no one else. They match the contours of your feet precisely and are designed for the way you walk. Orthotics are only manufactured after a Podiatrist has conducted a complete evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs, so the orthotic can accommodate your unique foot structure and pathology. Custom prescribed and fabricated orthotics are....

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May 14, 2020/ Ankle & Foot ORI Blog / Orthopedics Rhode Island

VIDEO: Physician Assistant Jarred Trouve on Ankle Sprains

In the newest entry of our providers’ educational video series, PA Jarred Trouve addresses common misconceptions about ankle sprains, and explains treatments like ice, anti-inflammatory medication, the use of a brace, and physical therapy.

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