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Interesting / Mike Lopes


……… the newest member of the #1000 total club. I was tired of feeling weak and figured the older I get the harder it would be. A total consists of adding up your 1rep max for 3 different lifts. Those lifts consist of the bench press, squat and deadlift. Since this journey is still on going, this is the first of two blogs. In this first blog I will go over……….

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Ankle & Foot / Kyle Anderson

I’m falling asleep on the Elliptical…

The elliptical trainer is a great way to cross train and add variety to pounding away on the treadmill or the spinning bike. But a common question from those elliptical warriors is “Why do I get numbness and tingling in my feet?”

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March 14, 2017 / Reviews / Orthopedics Rhode Island

Patients Share The Love

Ortho Rhode Island was created to deliver a laser focus on patient-centric care. In 2016, patients showed their appreciation by ranking us among the best practices nationwide, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our entire team.

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Physical Therapy / Kirsten Hundertmark

Effectiveness of Pre-operative Rehabilitation

Have you ever heard the term “prehab” before? If you are experiencing your first injury and/or surgery, it may be a new word for you. Pre-operative rehabilitation (prehab) is used specifically for those who are awaiting surgical intervention – whether that is for a joint replacement, a menisectomy, or an ACL repair.

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Hand Therapy / Jodi Bergeron

Smartphones & Hand Therapy

………Hand therapists can assist with appropriate biomechanics and provide guidelines for timeframes a patient should devote to device use. Smartphone applications can be used to improve specific motor skills as well as for logging activity and setting reminders to help achieve goals. Incorporating smartphone use in hand therapy may provide motivation and convenience resulting in better outcomes.

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Health / Tanya Quaresma

Don’t let the Flu sneak up on you!

I am sure this winter season either yourself or someone you know has had a nasty cold. Some of us have even had the Flu this year. I have done some research on the https://www.cdc.gov/ and put together a nice, easy to read blog to inform you about the Flu and whether or not you should be worried when your next cold hits.

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Hand Therapy / Vicki Moitoso

The Functional Capacity Evaluation and Work Conditioning Programs at Ortho RI, Foundry Division

The Functional Capacity Evaluation and Work Conditioning Programs at Ortho RI are designed for patients with work related injuries. The overall goal of both programs is to assist physicians, by providing information to help determine when a patient is ready to return to work and incidentally, in many cases, give patients the confidence in their ability to return to work.

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Knee / Lawrence Lee

Pes Anserine Bursitis

Not all pain around the knee originates within the knee itself. Pain toward the front and the inside of your knee, approximately 2 to 3 inches below the joint, is often a sign of pes anserine bursitis. This may occur with arising from a seated position, at night, or with…….

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Physical Therapy / Cindy Napier

Functional Dry Needling in Physical Therapy Treatment

Dry needling is a treatment technique emerging into mainstream physical therapy. I attended a course through Kineticore: Functional Dry Needling Level 1 on October 21-23. Patients have lots of questions like, “how does it work?”, “Is that like acupuncture?”, “will it hurt?”. Prior to taking this course I had some similar questions .

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