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Hand Therapy / Anthony Deluise

April is Occupation Therapy Month!!!!!

There are many common responses when asked “What is Occupational Therapy? Or “What does an Occupational Therapist do?” Most people believe that occupational therapy or a therapist will help them find a job. That is not the case. Occupation is usually always thought of as…..

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Ankle & Foot / Casey Ashby

Living with Arthritis Pain Seminar: Key Takeaways

With an estimated 31 million Americans suffering from osteoarthritis, it’s no surprise Ortho Rhode Island’s recent Living with Arthritis Pain seminar at the Warwick Library was well-attended. Casey Ashby, OT, an Ortho Rhode Island Occupational Therapist shared her expertise, offered tips to reduce pain and taught new strategies for accomplishing activities of daily living. As […]

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Exercise / Anthony Deluise

“Viscoelasticity” ?! It’s a stretch…

Proper flexibility of joints, muscle and tendons supporting the joints not only to make the joint more efficient in its performance, but also to produce more balanced joint mechanics which can help preserve the joint and prevent long term deterioration and wear. A key feature of successful stretching is not only when to stretch but how the stretching should occur.

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Healthcare / Anthony Deluise

Physical Therapy: An Alternative to Opioid Use

There has not been a significant change in the amount of pain that Americans report, yet sales of prescription opioids have quadrupled in the United States. (6)   So when should you consider physical therapy as an option for pain management over prescription opioids? First, when the risks outweigh the rewards. Opioid use comes with side effects……

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Elbow / Michelle Choquette

Hand Therapy Demystified

Hand therapy is the art and science of rehabilitating the upper extremity, including evaluation and treatment of shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, and finger injuries. Those who benefit include people who have …..

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Degenerative Joint Disease / Roald Llado

Short Hospital Stay After Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement has been traditionally considered an inpatient surgical procedure that requires a several day hospitalization. The reasons for this belief include concerns over postoperative pain control, limited mobility after surgery, and concerns about perioperative complications. Over the past decade, however, advances in perioperative pain control and less invasive surgical techniques have allowed earlier patient mobilization and more aggressive rehabilitation. The combination of

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Degenerative Joint Disease / Keith Monchik


Recently, I have had a number of patients interested in orthobiologic injections for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Having failed a corticosteroid injection(eg. Cortisone) or viscosupplementation injections (eg. Orthovisc, Euflexxa, Synvisc, Supartz etc.), many patients are not yet ready to turn to knee replacement surgery. Orthobiologics are another alternative to total knee replacement, but…

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Bone Health / Anthony Deluise

Tempt Yourself and Get Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

So, let’s turn off our screens and get outside. Mother Nature, as powerful as she is, can’t help us through the window (The UVB rays needed to give you Vit….

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Exercise / Anthony Deluise

What is cross training?

Cross training is a critical concept to consider in an effort to keep the entire body in good shape and avoiding excessive stress on just one part of the body that can occur with too much emphasis on one single sporting activity.

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