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Exercise / Dr. Anthony Deluise

Pain in the knee? Might be ITB…

ITBS is very treatable and rarely requires surgery. Because it is an overuse injury, it is important to rest and take a temporary break from high impact activities if you feel pain. This allows the IT band to recover and heal, and prevents damage to the tissue. Applying an

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Interesting / Dr. Eric Walsh

What is the Difference Between a “Break” and a “Fracture”- Hint: This is a Trick Question

Patients are often told that they have “broken” a bone in their body. When they come to the orthopedist, they are told that they have “fractured” a bone and often there is some confusion. The short answer is that a “fracture” and a “break” are the….

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Knee / Dr. Keith Monchik

Subchondroplasty Procedure

There are many reasons to see an orthopedic surgeon for knee pain. One such reason is the development of a Bone Marrow Lesion which may give you similar signs and symptoms as a meniscus tear would (e.g knee pain localized to one area of the knee, pain with activity, possible swelling).

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Exercise / Dr. Charlotte Moriarty

Youth Sports: How much is too much?

As many young athletes aspire to play collegiate and/or professional sports, the balanced athleticism attained with multi-sport participation should be emphasized. By engaging in a diverse array of sports and physical activity, the year-round participation that increases overuse injury risk can often be avoided. In addition, the athletic dexterity gained from multi-sport participation has also been shown to increase longevity in sports involvement. What parent doesn’t want that for their child? Furthermore, among current professional athletes, 97% stated that multi-sport participation contributed to their success in their chosen sport.

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ORI Blog / Orthopedics Rhode Island

Injury Prevention Guide

Rhode Island’s Waterman Eco-Challenge is no easy feat, but you’ve trained hard and you’re ready – bring it on! Before you dive in, take a quick look at these injury prevention tips that can help you race to the finish without harm. Swimming What causes swim injuries?Many swimming injuries are caused by overuse, along with […]

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/ Ken Furcolo

Tibial Plateau Fractures

Tibial plateau fractures are periarticular (involve the joint) fractures located in the proximal tibia at the knee. They are often associated with soft tissue injuries of the knee including open fractures, ACL and PCL ruptures, MCL and LCL sprains and meniscal injuries. They may occur and cause compartment syndromes of the leg and possibly vascular compromise both which are limb threatening emergencies.
Tibial plateau fractures are most commonly seen in

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Exercise / Ryan Correia

Designing a jump training/plyometric program

One of the the greatest causes of confusion in sports rehabilitation/performance is on the topic of jump training or plyometrics. This article will provide a brief overview on why you would want to; and how to prescribe a common sense jump program. When prescribing a jump program for performance or rehab, the strength/conditioning level of the athlete performing the program, volume, loading, complexity, and plane of movement must all be taken into consideration.

The reason an athlete would want…..

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Bone Health / Dr. Anthony Deluise

A Patient’s Guide to the Orthopedic Visit, Part II

Even the best doctors can be confusing. Sometimes conversations with your doctor contain big words and a lot of medical terminology. This guide is written to serve as a resource for patients, and is composed of a collection of commonly used words that patients often find confusing. This short guide is not meant to be comprehensive of all words used in an orthopedic visit.

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Back Pain / Orthopedics Rhode Island

Dr. Ian Madom joins the #BETTER #FASTER Podcast

Dr. Michelle Collie sits down with Dr. Ian Madom of Ortho Rhode Island to talk about the neck and spine. “Everyone has their stuff,” Dr. Madom tells us, neck and back pain is just part of our lives and it’s rare to get through life without having some pain. What is most important is becoming […]

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