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Hand/Wrist / Anthony Deluise

Thumb Arthritis

The thumb is the most prevalent location to suffer arthritis in the hand. As the weather turns colder, the arthritis can become more noticeable even upon waking in the morning, after a walk on a cold day, or working outside. The arthritis can be aggravated…..

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Ankle & Foot / Anthony Deluise

Are Your Kid’s Feet Flat?

Every child is certainly unique. They all grow at different rates, and their feet grow at different rates as well, ultimately reaching their adult shoe size by the early teen years. Certain kids feet may seem to have a relatively low arch which may be actually perfectly normal. A small subset of children, however have….

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Joint Health / Anthony Deluise


Over the past 25 years I have discussed hip and knee replacement with thousands of patients. Some of their questions have always surprised me. Not only that, it often concerns me how long individuals have lived with disabling hip and knee pain, avoiding or delaying beneficial surgery, because they are unaware of its availability and their own suitability for the procedure. The only remedy for ….

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Sports / Anthony Deluise

Youth Football?

It finally happened. My 8 year old posed the question…can I play tackle football? My initial impulse was to say yes. I played football (not until high school). It is a fantastic sport. I learned many lessons about life as well as a great game during those four years. Upon further reflection I decided to table the matter and do a little research.

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Sports / Anthony Deluise

Preventative Injury Prevention

I have seen it too many times and have experienced it myself. Up and coming student athletes and injury from the lack of proper warm up and cool down education has led to more bumps and knocks resulting in watching the game from the sideline. Improper preparation, along with preventative maintenance have led to more […]

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Health / Ian Madom

The Decision to Have Surgery

I value that gift of trust from patients by allowing me to care for them.  I do everything possible to …………..

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News / Matt Plante

Introducing Ortho RI Express!!

I saw a patient in my office recently that had injured his knee playing soccer. He had immediate pain and swelling in the knee. He was told at the field that he “needed to go to the ER.” He then went on to explain that he waited nearly 4 hours in the emergency room before being seen by one of the physicians. He was told that “nothing is broken”, and if his symptoms persisted, he should see an orthopedic doctor. His out of pocket cost for that visit to the emergency room was $1000.

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Surgery / Orthopedics Rhode Island

RJRI Offers Advanced Care

Robert C. Marchand, MD, Ortho RI’s leading robotic joint replacement surgeon, has launched a Robotic Joint Replacement Institute (RJRI) to offer the most advanced and comprehensive treatment for partial knee replacement, total knee replacement and total hip replacement patients. The goal: better outcomes.

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Joint Health / Orthopedics Rhode Island

Shedding Light on Joint Pain

Hip and knee joints are some of the most overstressed parts of the human skeleton as we rush through our daily lives. The resulting joint pain and arthritis affects millions of Americans, limiting motion, work and play. But Dr. Thomas J. Barrett doesn’t feel it has to be that way, no matter if caused by injury or a chronic condition.

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