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Interesting / Dr. Anthony Deluise

Outside of your Comfort Zone

About a year ago, I was asked to contribute to an op-ed for the ASSH  (American Surgical Society for the Hand) email newsletter.  The premise was “How I Do Things Differently” – compared to past experiences and training and now what I have learned over the years.  Some of the topics were germane to hand surgery and one topic was something that is applicable to everyone, not just surgeons.  I felt I could share this with our readers.

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Ankle & Foot / Dr. Eric Buchbaum

Healthy Feet for Spring Activities

Wear the right shoe and sock. Wear proper-fitting athletic shoes designed for the exercise or sport you are involved in as shoes have unique properties for specific activities. It is recommended to purchase shoes later in the day to allow proper fit after your feet have had a chance to swell which is normal throughout the day and with exercise. Shoes should also fit “out of the box”; the days of breaking in shoes has long past. Shoes that don’t support the…..

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Elbow / Dr. Benjamin Phillips

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: The Cousin of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Many of us either have, or know someone who has carpal tunnel syndrome. At the very least, the majority of individuals have heard of it. This is not surprising since carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common nerve compression in the upper extremity. The second most common nerve compression….. cubital tunnel syndrome, the not as well known cousin of carpal tunnel syndrome. Knowledge of this condition, its diagnosis and treatment are important when……

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Hand Therapy / Lori Lind


So you had a FOOSH? Sounds like such a fun word but in reality a FOOSH……………..

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Exercise / Brendan Boucher

Try to Avoid Daily Sedentary Activity

As a physical therapist, I like exercise. I help people restore mobility and reduce pain, much of the time through the use of exercise. We need movement and exercise to live and to be healthy. From what I’ve seen, it seems to pretty much only be adult humans who sit still for hours on end.

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Healthcare / Kyle Halavik

The Benefits of Vacation

Working in health care is great and rewarding, but can also come with some downsides. Working in general is great and rewarding, but it is still work. I think that is why some people refer to ‘Work’ as a four letter word. That being said, some wonderful human decided that we should get time off to relax, rewind, and reset. Well, that is what a vacation is supposed to do. Americans are

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Hand/Wrist / Dr. Scott Allen


Wow is it cold out this week!!! Today is exceptionally cold…but not as cold as the midwest. An important topic for today’s blog…..FROSTBITE!!!!!! Please read it!!

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Back Pain / Dr. Ian Madom

A GPS for your Spine Surgeon

Until recently, surgeons could only rely on their knowledge of anatomy and fluoroscopy machines that emit significant radiation but make surgery safer. Spine surgery has offered high rates of success to alleviate buttock and leg pain however, we all have thought: there has to be a better way. We need more accuracy. We need less radiation to patients and operating room staff. We need a tool that cam make less invasive surgical options safer and more accessible to patients.

Enter the ……

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January 23, 2019 / ORI Blog / Orthopedics Rhode Island

Heat vs. Ice

It’s important to stay warm this winter, but remember – not all orthopedic conditions should be treated with heat. Here’s a handy guide for when to use ice to relieve soreness and when to use heat.

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