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  • Phone: 401-777-7000
  • Office Location(s): Providence |
  • Specialties: General Orthopedics
  • Hospital Privilages: The Miriam Hospital, Southern New England Surgical Center

With over 20 years experience in orthopedics, Mr. Furcolo’s practice encompasses all aspects of general orthopedic medicine. He worked closely with the founder of Foundry Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Dr. Michael Wiggins, in operative and nonoperative sports medicine for over 10 years, caring for the recreational, high school and collegiate athlete. Presently, he works closely with two sports medicine surgeons, two upper extremity surgeons, and two joint replacement surgeons. His particular interests are running and triathlete-related overuse injuries.

His approach to patient care is to completely evaluate and formulate a treatment plan for each patient. When appropriate, he will order any imaging needed, including MRIs. With full access to the physician staff at Ortho Rhode Island, he will help facilitate a rapid and timely return to work or activity.

His interest in sports medicine stems partly from his own activities. He is a longtime competitive recreational runner of all distances, from local 5K runs to marathons. He recently completed two local half-marathons, and he fully embraces the community aspect of organized recreational sporting events.


  • Undergraduate: URI
  • Medical: Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University, 1987


Professional Associations

  • AAPA
  • RI Medical Society


Awards & Honors

  • James Wilson Award for outstanding academic achievement, Bowman Gray School of Medicine
KEN FURCOLO, PA-C’s Patient Documents
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