A Better Balance


by Sandra Stokes, RPT


In our busy lives, posture and balance are easily overlooked. We live in a world of cell phones, tablets, computers, TV, driving, recliners, soft couches, and chairs. Looking around we often see people with their heads and subsequently their body postured in a forward direction. Where our head goes so does the rest of our body!

One way to reduce this “pull forward” is to focus occasionally on extension to create balance in our bodies. This can be accomplished standing by:

1. Standing up

2. Looking straight ahead

3. Arms straight and at your side

4. Turn arms so your palms are facing forward

5. Individually and alternating, reach back with each arm

6. Then with each leg, copy the arm pattern above

Perform 5 repetitions for each extremity

To maintain an upright position, activating the extensors helps create a better balance in our posture. An important que for our body is to move our head over the top of our body instead of in front of it. This one small step can help create balance through the entire body!

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