With the winter holidays fast approaching and time running out to get the perfect gift, why not treat your special someone to a gift that can really help them start the New Year off right. We compiled a list of holiday gifts with health and wellness in mind...

Treat yo self gifts.
 Lacrosse ball – $5-10 dollars
 simple and effective massage tool ( works great for sore hips and/or shoulder blades)


 foot massage roller – $10-15 dollars

 sore feet rejoice!

 foam roller – $20-30 dollars

 great for sore lats, paraspinals, quads, ITB, hamstrings, and calves
 I prefer at 12inch for legs and a 18 inch for lumbar and thoracic spine.

 Massage stick – $20-30 dollars

 great for a quick massage sitting in a chair for quads, hamstrings, ITB, and calves
 Life-hack = use a dough rolling pin

 Stretch Strap – $15-20 dollars

 everybody should be stretching and a strap makes it much more effective.
 Life-hack #2 – dog leash works great


 Yoga Mat - $20-100 dollars

 Great for stretching on the floor
 Also works great folded up as a kneeling pad

 Trigger point stick - $20-40 dollars

 Desk jockeys rejoice with self-massage in all those hard to reach upper back muscles

 Massage Gun – $150 – 400+

 if you like techy things and you like trends this one is for you..

Fitness nerd gifts.
 Fitness tracker – $50+ dollars
 fitbit charge 3 is a nice option ($100)
 Strava Run, Ride, Swim app can be a great workout tool

 Heart Rate Monitor – $75-200 dollars
 can push your workouts to the limit
 great for interval training

 Smart Watch- $400+ dollars
 no need for a fitbit or HR monitor here.
 Multi-task like a BOSS

 Peloton stationary bike – $2500+
 Interactive workout bike with ability to live stream workouts and classes
 Expensive but you are worth it
 Cheaper option – stationary bike from craigslist or Amazon.

You are what you eat gifts.
 Chemex coffee maker - $30-40 dollars
 who wants little bits of plastic in there coffee? Go with a pour over coffee and all your dealing with is beans, water, glass, and a filter

 Aeropress coffee maker - $30 dollars

 Think french press with none of the wait ( great for road trips/car camping)

 Laird Superfood Creamer - $10-15 dollars

 get buff while drinking coffee (won't make you surf better)
 vegan and gluten free so you can rest your conscious for breakfast

 Vitamix blender - $400+
 the mother of all blenders, probably overkill but why not get the best?
 Make killer smoothies and blow hipsters minds with your Acai Bowls

 Kinder Bueno - $1-2 dollars

 Hard to find candy bar from Europe (great stocking stuffer)

 Terry Chocolate Orange – $1-2 dollars

 Who doesn’t want a nutritious orange in there stocking

Regardless of what gifts you choose for the holidays everyone here at Orthopedics Rhode Island hopes you have the most amazing, safe, and fun filled holidays!!