Is your gym closed again? How to Stay Active & Motivated During a Winter Pandemic


Like most of us, I have struggled with staying active and motivated during the many months of Covid-19. I guess you could say that I “threw in the towel” for a few months when gyms closed and when my sole adventure of the day was leaving the house to go to work. I found it challenging to exercise on my own with the little equipment that I had at home and my couch looking so much more inviting than the yoga mat! But, despite my initial struggles, the internet is an amazing place, and I quickly found sources of motivation from friends, bloggers/social media, and complete strangers who were dealing with the same problems that I was, except they were offering solutions.

Things got a little easier during the spring/summer with more opportunities to stay active outdoors, but winter is upon us and gyms have (temporarily) closed again, not to mention all of the restrictions on the slopes this year! But not to worry, there are still plenty of ways to stay moving this winter. Below I have shared some tips and suggestions based on what I will be doing this winter to stay moving and motivated. I hope this helps!

1. Bundle up and take advantage of the “warm” weather! Winter may be coming, but we still have time to bundle up and go for a walk or explore Rhode Island's many hiking trails before the frostbite sets in! Download the free AllTrails App on your phone to start exploring local trails that you didn’t know were hiding in your backyard!

2. Set motivational goals and wellness checks with a friend: It’s a lot easier to be active when you have someone else holding you accountable. Start a program or set weekly reminders to check in with a friend.

3. Check in with your local gym/personal trainer: A lot of gyms have been offering free online workouts (or accessible with current membership) through social media as well as including healthy tips for recipes and self care hacks.

4. Explore free Apps or streaming services (i.e YouTube, IGTV) for workout ideas. I was always hesitant to purchase an App or fitness subscription with the fear of not being able to hold myself accountable, but there are so many fitness instructors that post daily workouts of all styles, intensity, and duration for free! This includes body weight workouts if you don’t have any equipment available. Here are a few of the free Apps and fitness instructors that I follow and have used to help me stay active at home!

● YouTube: Sydney Cummings
● IGTV: kayla_itsines
● Nike Training Club
● Down Dog (Yoga, BARRE, & HIIT workouts) - Current subscription FREE for students, healthcare workers, & teachers!

My home gym isn’t much to look at but it gets the job done!

Home Gym

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