Are Your Kid's Feet Flat?


by David Caldarella, DPM


Every child is certainly unique. They all grow at different rates, and their feet grow at different rates as well, ultimately reaching their adult shoe size by the early teen years. Certain kids feet may seem to have a relatively low arch which may be actually perfectly normal. A small subset of children, however have a more significant “flatfoot” condition which may be under recognized. Parents should be aware that “flatfeet” in children may not be abnormal at all, however if pain, fatigue, or limitations of activities are recognized, further evaluation of their feet is prudent. It is important to recognize the difference between a “normal flatfoot” in a kid and an “ abnormal flatfoot" which is called in medical terms, a "pathologic flatfoot." The key is differentiating the abnormal flatfoot condition early and gaining the proper education and treatment. If your child has a “flatfoot” that is concerning to you, a one time office based evaluation will generally provide the proper evaluation needed to properly recognize the difference.
Check out your child’s flatfeet - It’s good to know the difference between a normal and an abnormal flatfoot in your child / grandchild early.


Before and After… Adolescent “Pathologic Flatfoot Deformity