New Year's Resolutions


It is almost New Year’s Eve and that means it is time to decide on a New Year’s Resolution! Making lifestyle changes can be difficult, but they can be simplified and personalized to you. The important part is making an effort to improve oneself, even if it’s a minor goal.

Sedentary lifestyles have ravaged the general health of our population. This includes our physical, psychological, cognitive, and social health. Physical activity can have several positive impacts on our overall health including:
- Preventing non-communicable diseases
- Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
- Aid in healthy growth and development
- Enhance your thinking, learning, and judgement
- Decrease your risk of death by 20-30%

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a set of recommendations for the amount of physical activity that people should perform on a weekly basis. The WHO helps to personalize these recommendations by grouping it by age, as well as, including recommendations for various populations living with disabilities, chronic disease, and pregnant women. The general recommendation for healthy individuals is listed below and more information can be found on the WHO website.

Ages 5-17
- Moderate to vigorous activity for 60 minutes daily
- Moderate to vigorous aerobic, as well as, strengthening 3 times per week
Ages 18-64
- 150-300 minutes of moderate OR 75-150 minutes of vigorous activity per week
- Strengthening activities 2 times or more per week
Ages 65+
- 150-300 minutes of moderate OR 75-150 minutes of vigorous activity per week
- Functional balance and strengthening 3 times or more per week

Another way that the WHO helps to make these personalized and achievable is by being vague with the activity that can be performed. Moderate to vigorous is a phrase that means different things for different people. What is considered moderate to a college runner may be different from a 70 year old retiree, but both individuals can meet their respective recommendations and live a healthier lifestyle in 2024!