Thanksgiving Holiday Injuries


Thanksgiving season is here; food, family, friends and football! This holiday of thankfulness can include some unwelcome accidents that may limit your turkey intake. Here are some common turkey day injuries and how to keep safe.


No one wants a burned turkey, but worse is a burned cook!  A bird fit for a family can be heavy and taking it in and out of the oven can be a challenge. Be sure you have the strength to lift and reach with a heavy turkey pan to avoid a burn to ruin the day. If you prefer your turkey deep fried, splashing oil can be especially hazardous, not only for your body but for your house.


Knife cuts:
Inexperience can lead to turkey cutting accidents and nothing ruins a turkey like a red hue. Let the experienced handler prepare the bird and use tools that are meant for the job. Be sure to sharpen your knives as dull knives require more force and offer less control. The turkey is the big item but preparation of side dishes requires most of the chopping.  Pay close attention and keep the pre-dinner wine to a minimum.


Football Injuries:
Dust off the old cleats; it’s time to show the kids how good at football you were in high school. This is where the big injuries happen. Take extra time to warm up and stretch those muscles. Focus on all of your joints since most of you haven’t played since last thanksgiving. Remember, some balls you just have to let go, the hamstring tear may not be worth it on Monday.  If you are determined to produce a Heisman level performance and you get injured, come to OrthoRI Express for evaluation of acute orthopedic injuries!


(Extra: Black Friday Shopping):
Get out there and save! 3am, here we come, fight tooth and nail to save $4.75 on that toaster.
Ever heard of the internet? Avoid the lines, crowds, and trampling mobs. Many stores start their early bird sales the afternoon before. Take advantage of these deals and sleep in. Leave the 3am wake up to the others.