Warm-up Golf Stretches


The warmer temperatures are coming which means that golf season is upon us. Our bodies may have been hibernating, so before we hit that ball off the tee at the driving range or the first tee at the golf course we should do some simple stretches to prevent any injuries.

One great stretch is Palm Up Club Lifts. It helps with shoulder mobility and improves our golf posture:
Grab your 5-iron with your palms up, hands about shoulder width apart. Start by standing up tall and the club at your hips. Keeping the body still and arms extended, raise the club as high as you can above your head. Hold for 5 seconds and do 5 reps.



Another great stretch is a Split Stance Lunge Turn. It helps stabilize the lower body and mobilize the upper body:
From a standing position, take a step forward with your right leg and bend your knee, then slightly bend your left knee (lunge position). Grab both ends of a golf club and extend your arms. Then rotate your body towards the right as if you’re making a backswing (right-handed) or follow through (left-handed). Then switch legs and rotate left. Do 5 reps on a side before switching.


If it’s your first time out this year (or ever), preparing your body for the specific movements and forces of the golf swing is very important. Stretching is a great way to do this.   Have a great time!