What to Wear on Your Feet in the Winter?


New England winters can bring lots of beautiful snow. That also means freezing temperatures, wet conditions, and icy walkways. It is important to have proper gear in order to help you enjoy the winter and to avoid injuries. The keys are: staying warm and dry, picking shoes that fit, and choosing function over style.

Staying warm and dry
In the winter, it is important to keep your feet warm and dry. This starts with good hygiene. Make sure to clean your feet daily and be sure to properly dry. The next thing to keep in mind is your socks. Try to avoid cotton. Cotton will trap moisture, making it easier for the cold to chill your toes. Instead, try different materials like wool or other materials that will wick away sweat. Another way to keep away moisture is choosing shoes and boots that are water resistant and insulated.

Picking shoes that fit
Fitting into winter shoes tends to be trickier than choosing your usual size. Proper winter socks tend to be thicker and there is usually more insulation in winter shoes. Be sure to try on new winter shoes or boots with winter socks. Make sure the shoes fit snug, but not too tight to avoid blistering, chafing, and pain.

Choosing function over style
Proper winter footwear is not always stylish. Everything should be thicker. There should be more insulation to help brave the cold conditions. There should also be thicker soles to keep your foot further away from the cold ground. However, you need to also consider traction to prevent slipping.

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