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Knee / Amanda McKenna

Need for Speed? …………Maybe if you have Knee Arthritis

…..This article suggests that power training for those with knee osteoarthritis has a strong correlation with improving walking and stair performance. 
     We all know that osteoarthritis (OA) is a growing problem in the United States, especially since the Baby Boomers are approaching retirement.

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Ankle & Foot / Ortho Rhode Island

5 Ways to Relieve Tendonitis Pain

Tendonitis is often caused by overuse. For example, too much hill running or inflexible running shoes can contribute to this condition. Medically speaking, tendonitis is the inflammation of the tendon and results from small, micro-tears that happen when too much stress or force is applied. Chronic tendonitis (caused by overuse) is often characterized by a […]

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Uncategorized / Ortho Rhode Island

Attention! Free ImPACT Testing Available at Foundry

This week, Foundry Sports will be conducting free baseline ImPACT testing for all high school scholar-athletes. ImPACT testing is an essential step to mitigating the effects of head trauma that high school scholar-athletes may incur while playing contact sports. It is strongly recommended that all athletes be tested prior to beginning any sport. Email sportsclinic@foundrysportsmedicine.com […]

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Uncategorized / Ortho Rhode Island

Pain management in recovery requires a proactive approach

Coping with ongoing pain can be a challenge for the individual and medical professional alike. Finding a successful treatment strategy is even more complicated for people in addiction recovery.

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Joint Health / Ortho Rhode Island

4 Common Hip Disorders That May Cause Pain

Hip pain is a term that’s used to refer to pain at the hip joint –it can also refer to pain that’s felt in the thigh or groin area. There are  a variety of different causes for hip pain. Here are four common disorders that can result in hip pain. Trochanteric Bursitis Trochanteric bursitis is […]

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Get to Know / Ortho Rhode Island

Positive Review for Dr. Caldarella

At Blackstone Orthopedics, our physicians strive to provide the absolute best care to all of our patients. Dr. Caldarella recently received this wonderful review from a patient that we would like to share: “I ruptured my Achilles tendon Monday May 18th. I was able to receive an appointment with Blackstone Orthopedics very quickly on Wednesday, […]

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Knee / Dr. Roald Llado

Pain Management After Total Knee Replacement

 In summary, recent literature suggests that multi-modal pain protocols have drastically improved patient comfort, satisfaction, and outcome after elective total knee replacement.  If you are considering total knee replacement, I encourage you to discuss your postoperative pain management options with your surgeon.

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OrthoNow / Ortho Rhode Island

After Hours Orthopedic Care Offered at OrthoNowRI

Just because Blackstone Orthopedics is closed doesn’t mean that injuries are going to stop happening. At OrthoNowRI, Blackstone Orthopedic’s after hours service, we provide immediate care for orthopedic injuries –including sprains, fractures, and back strains. For work accidents and sports injuries, we are here to offer you care with no appointment necessary. A Better Alternative […]

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Uncategorized / Kelly Young

On the Rise: Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease, or as I have heard some call it, “old timers”, is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. AND it is the only cause of death in the top ten in America that cannot be cured, slowed or prevented!  

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