Correct Posture While Sitting at a Desk

  • March 16, 2016
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A healthy sitting position involves keeping your back supported, your neck straight, and feet and legs in a proper position. This can alleviate the pressure on your back and spine — helping to prevent a number of injuries.

If you work at a desk for most of the day, paying attention to good sitting posture is especially important. Here’s how you can maintain good posture while sitting.

Keep Your Neck Straight

It is important that your computer monitor is adjusted so that your eyes are in line with the area of the screen where you spend the most time looking. Never position the screen so that you have to look down at it as this can put excess strain on your neck and lead to injuries. Keep your screen at eye level to help ensure that your neck is the position.

Support Your Back

You also need to ensure that your lower back is supported when sitting for long periods of time. Without much-needed support, your back will curve — which could leave you at risk for lower back strains and sprains. Make sure your lower back is supported by adjusting your chair or using a small pillow or jacket.

Place Your Feet on the Ground

Your feet should be flat on the ground and your knees about level with your hips. When you sit in awkward positions, you put unnecessary stress on your muscles and constrict the blood flow. Sitting with your legs crossed too often, and for too long can eventually cause chronic pain in your legs.

As you can see, maintaining good posture while sitting is important. Paying attention to your posture at work, and making an effort to sit properly can help you to stave off many serious injuries that are caused by poor posture.

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