How Loretta’s Hip Replacement with Ortho RI Made Her Healthier and Happier

When Loretta describes her first appointment with Dr. Andrew Kay, an Ortho Rhode Island surgeon specializing in total joint replacement, she remembers his disbelief.

“I can’t believe you are walking around like this,” Loretta recalls him saying after reviewing x-rays of her severely arthritic left hip, which had caused over two years of suffering with lower back pain.

Prior to that appointment, Loretta had been seeing providers at another orthopedic practice to address her debilitating pain, but the injections they gave her had little positive effect.

“I was almost past walking, this time last year. I was on a walker. I had a cane,” she explains. “I couldn’t really do anything. Walking up the stairs… getting in and out of the car, even laying down in the bed… I was sleeping in a recliner.”

Loretta felt she had reached a dead end, until her landlord encouraged her to visit Ortho Rhode Island, where her sister had been seen. A physical therapist who attends Loretta’s church also echoed this recommendation, so she decided to book an appointment.

That decision became the first step in a life-changing process. At her first appointment, Dr. Kay evaluated Loretta and recommended a total hip replacement. After reviewing the informational materials Dr. Kay provided, Loretta called to schedule her surgery with him the very same day, on the ride home from Ortho Rhode Island.

“They treat you like a person. They treat you almost like family,” Loretta says. “They have treated me with the utmost respect.”

“Dr. Kay – the bedside manner was amazing,” she continues. “Everybody that I talk to, if they tell me they have a hip problem, I say, ‘Let me tell you about my doctor! Go see Dr. Kay, Dr. Andrew Kay!’”

Now Loretta is experiencing the benefits of her surgery – not just for her hip, but for her health in general. She feels even better than she did before her painful hip arthritis set in, a feeling supported by Loretta’s primary care doctor, who has noted the improvement in her overall health.

“I was ready to run around the church. I was just so excited,” Loretta says.

Her excitement hasn’t waned since that day at church. When Loretta discusses her progress over the last year and the care she has received, her enthusiasm speaks for itself.

“I would recommend Ortho Rhode Island to anybody,” Loretta says, before she corrects herself with a smile. “To everybody!”

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