Dr. Migliori Breaks Ground with Total Hip Replacement
at Ortho RI Surgery Center


This month, Ortho Rhode Island surgeon Dr. Sidney Migliori performed a robotic-assisted total hip replacement using the Mako Robotic-Arm, the first procedure of its kind at the Ortho RI Surgery Center in Warwick, RI. For over a decade, Dr. Migliori and Ortho Rhode Island surgeons have pioneered the use of robotic-assisted technology for hip, knee, and spine procedures in the state.

Dr. Migliori performed her history-making outpatient procedure with Stryker’s Mako Total Hip, an innovative robotic technology that empowers surgeons to offer a personalized surgical experience planning based on each patient’s specific diagnosis and anatomy. In clinical studies, Mako Total Hip resulted in more accurate placement and alignment of hip implants based on the surgical plan, less likelihood of hip dislocation, reduced blood loss, replication of the feeling of a natural hip, and preservation of healthy bone.

“The Ortho RI Surgery Center offering robotics is a key demonstration of Ortho Rhode Island’s commitment to provide the community with outstanding healthcare, and we are proud to continue to be at the forefront of innovation and technology,” said Michael P. Bradley, President and CEO of Ortho Rhode Island.

Patients medically eligible for outpatient total joint replacements at the Ortho RI Surgery Center return home the same day as their surgery, while more complex inpatient robotics cases are performed by Ortho Rhode Island surgeons at local community hospitals, including South County Health.

These procedures are part of the comprehensive and innovative hip care offered by Dr. Migliori and Ortho Rhode Island. Learn more about Dr. Migliori and the Ortho RI Surgery Center.