Ortho Rhode Island Discusses Creating a Safe Environment for Patients on the #BetterFaster Podcast


In a time of uncertainty due to COVID-19, Ortho Rhode Island is working to connect with patients and keep their communities safe. As part of this effort, Ortho Rhode Island’s Dr. Michael Bradley and Dr. Anthony DeLuise joined the #BetterFaster Podcast this week, a program presented by Performance Physical Therapy.

The appearance by Bradley and DeLuise was part of the podcast’s Special COVID-19 Series. The physicians spoke with Dr. Michelle Collie of Performance Physical Therapy, the program’s host, about the measures Ortho Rhode Island is taking to ensure the health of their patients and staff.

Listen below to learn more about the Ortho Rhode Island’s steps to keep their communities safe.



Source: https://www.performanceptri.com/post/betterfaster-podcast-creating-a-safe-environment-for-patients-ortho-rhode-island