Ortho Rhode Island Donates Surgical Supplies to Ukraine


In August, a humidity issue at the Ortho RI Surgery Center meant they could no longer use their inventory of surgical supplies. Rather than let these materials go to waste, the Ortho Rhode Island team ensured they would go to a good cause, instead.

The Surgery Center donated all their operating room supplies to those who have been affected by the war in Ukraine. The shipment included a variety of surgical items, including:

• Shoulder Packs
• Knee Packs
• Beach Chair Packs
• Gauze
• Kerlex
• Webril
• Sutures
• Surgical Blades
• Sterile Drapes
• Sterile Surgical Gowns
• Sterile Gloves
• Hood Covers

The effort to provide these medical supplies to Ukraine is one of several philanthropic projects Ortho Rhode Island team members have coordinated throughout the year, which also include food and clothing donations to Rhode Island charities. These initiatives further underline Ortho Rhode Island’s commitment to improving their communities, both locally and globally.