ORI Doc Shares His Expertise


Standing, walking, running, swimming or dancing: the ankle joint is involved in almost every activity you do. Your ankle has three bones that allow for the up/down and side to side motion of your feet, and when it becomes diseased or injured, the resulting pain can severely limit your ability to move and work.

Dr. Anthony Mechrefe, an Ortho Rhode Island orthopedic surgeon, will be sharing his expertise on ankle pain and treatment with the public at a series of open seminars including:

  • Coventry Senior Center, Coventry, May 25th, 11 a.m.
  • Tamarisk Assisted Living, Warwick, June 16th, 2 p.m.


“Today we have such a range of innovative treatment options available, from medications to arthroscopy to replacement, it’s not necessary to live with the pain,” said Dr. Mechrefe. “My hope is these seminars will help attendees understand their pain and take the first step toward getting back to doing the things they love.”

Dr. Mechrefe has advanced training in complex reconstructions of the foot and ankle, specifically with arthritic conditions, ligamentous injuries and fractures. He is one of the only orthopedic surgeons in Rhode Island who can offer Total Ankle Replacement surgery with the STAR Ankle, used worldwide for more ankle replacements than any other device. With replacement, patients can maintain full ankle motion, leading to a better long-term function.

To register for a seminar, please email You can also visit, or to register. More information can be found on ORI's ankle page and at