• Phone: 401.777.7000 – Option 3
  • Office Location(s): Providence |
  • Areas of Interest: Sports rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation

Amanda joined the practice in 2014 after graduating from Northeastern University with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. While completing her degree, she interned with the Northeastern Strength and Conditioning staff, specifically helping coach Men and Women’s Track and Field, Men’s Crew, and Women’s Volleyball. She completed her final clinical rotation at Ortho Rhode Island Sports Medicine. Her previous clinical rotations included an outpatient facility in Washington D.C and an acute care rehabilitation hospital in Concord, NH.

Since joining the Ortho Rhode Island team, Amanda has completed continuing education courses on the shoulder and spine while completing certification of Selective Functional Movement Assessment Level 1 and 2. She is also certified in Functional Dry needling for the upper and lower extremities. Outside of work, Amanda enjoys spending time with friends and family, beaching on Cape Cod, and participating in CrossFit to stay active.

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