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Ellen joined the practice in 2017 with an interest to grow in orthopedics and sports medicine. She graduated from Simmons College with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016 where she took part in several clinical inpatient and outpatient rotations including orthopedics, post-operative care, pediatrics, and neurology. She was an active leader on the committee board for the MA APTA student organization and an ongoing member to the APTA.

Ellen has a passion for treating simple to complex musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries with focus on running mechanics, and helping patients return to activities they enjoy. Recently, Ellen became certified in Dry Needling through the Spinal Manipulation Institute. She plans to pursue a path towards her Orthopedic Clinical Specialty (OCS) and Strength and Conditioning Certification to further improve her patient’s plan of care.

Ellen grew up with an athletic background taking part in Division III softball and cross county while at Simmons College. In her off time, she takes part in marathon training.

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