• Phone: 401-789-1422
  • Location(s): Ortho Rhode Island - South County
  • Areas of Interest: Sports rehabilitation, post-operative care, pain neuromatrix, musculoskeletal injuries with special interests in shoulder and knee dysfunctions

Kyle received his doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2013 and his bachelor’s of science in Kinesiology in 2009, both from URI. Kyle joined our practice in June 2013.  Kyle is an avid surfer and has traveled all over the world to surf some of his favorite spots. Kyle is Level I certified in Dry Needling.

KYLE HALAVIK, DPT’s Patient Documents
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Working in health care is great and rewarding, but can also come with some downsides. Working in general is great and rewarding, but it is still work. I think that is why some people refer to 'Work' as a four letter word. That being said, some wonderful human decided that we should get time off to relax, rewind, and reset. Well, that is what a vacation is supposed to do. Americans are

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