Custom Wrist and Hand Splints

Splinting is a common form of treatment for many upper limb conditions that can be used immediately after an injury or surgery. Custom fabricated splints offer an individualized treatment that provides an exact patient fit. Hand Therapists/Occupational Therapists are experts in creating a splint that fits your exact requirements.

Most custom splints are fabricated from either thermoplastic materials or polyester, but they can also be made from neoprene or plaster of paris. The therapist will choose the most appropriate material for your diagnosis, physician prescription, and individual needs. Many times, custom splinting offers a more precise fit than prefabricated splints or braces.

Custom splinting is effective to:

  • Immobilize and rest
  • Protect injured areas
  • Assist range of motion and increase function
  • Stretch connective tissue and increase joint mobility
  • Prevent or correct joint deformity
  • Maintain alignment of a joint after joint replacement

No two patients have identical splinting requirements and each splint has a specific purpose. As the therapeutic goals change, so will the design and/or use of the splint.

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