Gait Training

The mechanics of the gait cycle are one of the many things that are impacted when a person sustains an injury. Weight bearing limitations that allow healing or painful walking patterns can alter the position of the body, and may require specific training by a physical therapist. An injury or surgery may result in swelling, pain, and decreased range of motion, all of which impact the gait cycle.

Gait training may include:

  • Post-operative/fracture weight bearing education
  • Gait training with an assistive device (crutches, walker, cane)
  • Stair performance training
  • Post-injury general mechanics gait training

Improving the gait cycle after an injury is critical in avoiding additional compensatory deficits on the opposite side, or other parts of the body. A skilled assessment by a physical therapist is an excellent way to collect feedback and strategies for rapid improvements.

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