Tips for Communicating with Your Orthopedic Surgeon During your Initial Consultation



Clear and positive communication with your orthopedic surgeon ensures you feel comfortable with your diagnosis and treatment plan. Letting your surgeon know how much information you want and being honest about your condition will help him provide better care. Take a few moments ahead of time to prepare yourself for your consultation to make this experience go more smoothly.

Prepare Questions Ahead of Time
It is easy to become distracted or forget to ask a certain question when you’re sitting in front of your surgeon. Developing a list of questions and concerns before your appointment will help you remember the things you want answered most. Write down the points you want to discuss rather than assuming you will remember them all during your consultation. Put your list in your purse, wallet, or car the night before your consultation so you won’t forget to bring it along.

Be Open and Honest
Although certain conditions may make you feel embarrassed, it’s essential to be open and honest with your orthopedic surgeon. Remember that everything you say will be held in complete confidence. Masking symptoms because they are embarrassing could mean you won’t receive the most effective treatment. It’s also important to be open about how much information you do or don’t want. Your surgeon will be glad to provide you with more details or to keep the explanation simple, depending on which you prefer.

Ask Questions
Be assertive and ask questions of your surgeon and the treatments he recommends. If he prescribes medication, ask why it is necessary and for how long he believes you might need it. If the treatments your orthopedic surgeon recommends are different from those you expect, ask that simple question 'why?'. You will feel better when you understand your surgeon’s reasoning behind his recommendations.

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