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Orthopedic Specialties

We treat all orthopedic injuries and diseases for patients of all ages and activity levels with advanced orthopedic techniques and technologies and an uncommon caring touch. It’s comprehensive musculoskeletal care that helps eliminate pain and brings our patients back to their version of normal.

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In-Office Imaging Services

Imaging gives us a clear view inside your musculoskeletal system to better inform your treatment. Our state-of-the-art technology provides the best imaging and our dedicated staff sees to your comfort throughout.

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Therapies Provided

Our full range of therapies and highly-trained therapists assist in your care from initial injury to complete recovery for a seamless treatment experience. We offer state-of-the-art on site facilities and individualized therapy programs based on your goals and injuries.

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Other Specialties

Orthopedic care isn’t always as black and white as an x-ray of a broken bone. Other considerations come into play, such as inter-related nerve issues and chronic pain. We’ve gathered the best specialists to work closely with our orthopedists and help address them.

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Ortho RI Express

With injuries, sometimes you can’t wait for an appointment. Ortho RI Express gives you an alternative to waiting in a crowded Emergency Room with same day access to Orthopedic Specialists for acute situations.

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We understand the toll a physical challenge can take, on your body and on your life. At Ortho Rhode Island, you’re in the best hands for healing with the most comprehensive musculoskeletal care in Rhode Island and southern New England.

World-Class Physicians
and Advanced Practitioners
Across Rhode Island
Therapists and Trainers
in Our Own Facilities
Affiliations with the Region’s
Most Prestigious Hospitals


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February 2, 2021 / ORI Blog

VIDEO: An Ortho Rhode Island PSA: The Importance of Regular Healthcare Appointments

Taking precautions against COVID-19 isn’t the only way to stay healthy this winter. Watch Dr. Mechrefe explain the importance of continuing to take action on all our healthcare needs.

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February 24, 2021 / News

Dr. Monchik Performs State-of-the-Art Procedure to Alleviate Hip Pain

This week, Dr. Keith Monchik completed an arthroscopic trochanteric bursectomy and iliotibial (IT) band release, an innovative surgical procedure to help alleviate a patient’s trochanteric bursitis.

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February 18, 2021 / Knee

Brace Yourself: ACL/Meniscus Repair Brace Information

When wearing a knee brace, it is important that it fits properly.
A brace that is too loose will not provide adequate support for your knee and could potentially become a tripping hazard.
A brace that is too tight may cut off circulation or pinch on nerves leading to increased swelling, discoloration, or numbness and tingling in your leg.
To ensure a proper fit,…..

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