The use of K tape in the rehabilitation setting is widely accepted as an effective tool to decrease pain, inhibit/facilitate muscles, and provide lymphatic drainage. K taping is frequently seen in all levels of sports including college, professional, and the Olympics. It is extremely versatile in its application and can be used on all parts of the body.

K-tape is effective for

......lifting bruising from the skin:









.......Providing feelings of stability to joints:




......Decrease the sensation of muscular tightness:




Well…depends on who you ask…
There is very little quality research on the effectiveness of K-Tape. The research that has been completed has shown mixed results, however mostly supporting its inability to effect long-term outcomes for patients with musculoskeletal issues. There is support however for short term pain improvements with the use of K-tape, though not necessarily superior to that of other conventional treatments. Further high level controlled studies may be necessary to further determine its effectiveness.

Having said that…
Yes, it works!
For those who have suffered acute musculoskeletal injuries, short term pain relief likely sounds just fine! It is for this reason, K-tape is so popular in the athletics. When participation today is the goal, the support of taping allows athletes to perform with less or no pain. In the clinical rehab setting, it may be used to perform exercises that address the underlying pathology.

There are many manufacturers of quality K-tape, with leading brands including RockTape, Kinesio, KT Tape and more. Each brand has different qualities such as improved resistance to water, as well as color and pattern variations. K-tape can be found in sporting goods stores, and drug stores making it very accessible to all. YouTube is the most robust source of taping techniques for all parts of the body. If using K-tape without medical supervision, care should be taken to avoid extended use which may result in skin break down and blistering.  Additionally, skin integrity/sensitivity, allergies to adhesive and allergies to latex are precautions to consider when using K-Tape for daily activities or sports performance.