Ortho Rhode Island is First in RI to Use InSpace Balloon Implant for Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tear


Ortho Rhode Island has added a new first to their long list of orthopedic innovations. Last week, Dr. Winslow Alford, alongside Dr. Michael Bradley, performed the first Stryker Inspace procedure in the state at the Ortho RI Surgery Center, an outpatient facility located at 300 Crossings Blvd in Warwick.

This procedure offers a solution for non-repairable rotator cuff tendon disease* of the shoulder and is recently FDA approved. The InSpace balloon implant is designed to restore the subacromial space without requiring sutures or fixation devices, and has been demonstrated to improve shoulder motion and function. Compared to other surgical procedures for the treatment of massive irreparable rotator cuff tears (MIRCTs), it is also a shorter, less invasive option.

Many Ortho Rhode Island surgeons are certified in the Stryker Inspace procedure, which is minimally invasive and performed on an outpatient basis at the Ortho RI Surgery Center. It represents another great example of innovative technology and high quality patient care at Ortho Rhode Island. Their surgeons look forward to providing patients with advanced care through their investment in Stryker’s breakthrough technology, InSpace.

“With a long successful clinical history of over 10 years and 29,000+ balloons implanted outside the U.S., we are excited to bring this technology to our patients and provide a new surgical option to address challenging MIRCTs,” said Dr. Alford.

Learn more about Ortho Rhode Island’s innovative shoulder care, and read more on Dr. Alford and Dr. Bradley. To see how InSpace works, watch this short video:

*The InSpace™ subacromial tissue spacer system is indicated for the treatment of patients with massive, irreparable full-thickness torn rotator cuff tendons due to trauma or degradation with mild to moderate gleno-humeral osteoarthritis in patients greater than or equal to 65 years of age whose clinical conditions would benefit from treatment with a shorter surgical time compared to partial rotator cuff repair.

NOTICE: MRI imaging at our Providence office is currently unavailable due to construction. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve your experience!