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January 25, 2023 / Health / Kayla Denis

Finding the Work-Life Balance

Recognizing if burnout is affecting you is truly the first step in making change and taking action. Evaluate your current position, your options, and most importantly your mental health status. Have you noticed a lack in energy? Find it hard to concentrate? Sleeping more, or less than before? Finding a lack of motivation in or out of the workplace?

If you….

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January 19, 2023 / Interesting / Briana OGrady

Mixing Mocktail Magic

Amongst the most popular New Year’s resolutions is the sobriety challenge of sustaining from alcohol for the first month of the new year, referred to as “Dry January”. Whether a personal choice for a healthier lifestyle, a competition amongst friends, a detox for the new year, or just a personal test of will power, the challenge can prove harder than we may think. Many of us are accustomed to our daily nightcap, a cocktail at the end of a hard work day, a cold beer at a sporting event, or the social aspect of going out for drinks with friends on the weekend; and with 12 days still remaining in January, February can feel far away.

Similarly, in the weeks leading to and following surgery, patients are…

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January 11, 2023 / Health / Julie Walden

After the Ouch: Safe Disposal of Medications

So, what happens with the unused medications? Many people do not know what to do with their controlled substance prescription medications and just keep them stored in their medicine cabinets. Unknown by many, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) hosts an annual….

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January 5, 2023 / Health / Anthony Mattiello

Happy 2023!

About half of Americans state that they make New Year’s resolutions. Sadly only 8% actually stick with it and achieve their goals. It is a great time to set a plan to achieve new goals for personal growth. A majority of these new lifestyle changes are abandoned within the first month. But why? Change is hard.

A goal is….

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December 29, 2022 / Sports / Dr. Charlotte Moriarty

How to Recover Faster

Injuries are an unfortunate part of the human experience. They happen to all of us, whether in the acute form (e.g. ligament sprains, joint dislocations, broken bones) or in the overuse form (e.g. tendinitis/tendinopathy, stress fractures). Some injuries may require immobilization or surgical intervention, while others may be treated conservatively with rest and rehabilitation. All injuries have one thing in common: recovery time.

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December 19, 2022 / Interesting / Zach Hudson

Health Benefits of Soup (with “Get Well” Soup Recipe)

Most hot caffeinated beverages consumed during the winter months leave you dehydrated, but soup nourishes you from within and helps increase your core body temperature. Soups contain both a high fiber and water content and can keep you satiated in a hydrating way. Research shows that people who drink soup regularly have a lower dietary energy density and better diet quality, thus having the ability to help you lose weight. Soups also…

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December 13, 2022 / Interesting / David Vegari

Data is King

Data. Data. Data. This continues to be the mantra of all businesses throughout the world. Data aggregation helps us with such topics as marketing, identifying our company’s strengths and weaknesses, and provides an unbiased viewpoint with which we can lean into to justify our decisions. Just ask Amazon how reliant they are on this information for their day-to-day operations and future growth. Heck, it has even spawned an entire….

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December 8, 2022 / Spine / Dr. Ian Madom

Do I need to See a Neurosurgeon?

As an orthopedic spine surgeon, I am trained to take care of the entire spine from the base of the skull down through the sacrum. A significant part of my practice is caring for the cervical spine, which is the part of the spinal column in your neck. People can develop…

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November 29, 2022 / Sports / Dr. Eric Buchbaum

I’m also a patient…..

It has always been rewarding for me to help a patient achieve their goals. Being on the other side as a patient reinforced the importance of communication and collaboration between patient and provider to be successful. The process is the same if they…

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