Ortho Rhode Island and South County Health Team up for Community Orthopedics Seminar

On June 15th, 2002 at the Warwick Crowne Plaza, Dr. Robert Marchand, Dr. Michael Bradley, Dr. Sidney Migliori, Dr. Akshay Yadhati, and Dr. Andrew Kay joined Ortho Rhode Island’s partners at South County Health to discuss innovative robotic surgery for knee, hip, and spine. The event, moderated by Drs. Bradley and Marchand, provided an inside […]

Ortho Rhode Island Offers FREE Pre-Participation Sports Physical Exams for RIIL High School Athletes

As Rhode Island returns to regular activities such as high school athletics, it’s as important as ever to be prepared. Beginning in July, you can help your high school athlete get ready for the upcoming fall season with a free pre-participation physical exam at Ortho Rhode Island.

Drs. Bradley and Howlett Share Tips on Avoiding Injury with The Rhode Show

Sports medicine specialists and orthopedic surgeons Dr. Michael Bradley and Dr. Nathan Howlett visited The Rhode Show on Monday, June 27th to share how patients of all ages, skill levels, and activity levels can avoid injury while staying active this summer. The Ortho Rhode Island physicians also discussed how advanced surgical techniques and innovative treatments […]

Ortho Rhode Island Executive Director Discusses
Thinking Like a Patient with ConvergenceRI

Ortho Rhode Island Executive Director Mary Ellen Donovan sat down with ConvergenceRI to discuss the vision and values that have helped Ortho Rhode Island deliver a one-of-a-kind, innovative patient experience. Topics covered include the growth of Ortho Rhode Island, the role of physical therapy and other nonsurgical services like Ortho RI Biologics, the importance of […]

Ortho RI Physicians Receive Award from
Athletic Trainers’ Association in Consecutive Years

Ortho Rhode Island’s longstanding commitment to keeping their community healthy is adding up to a great relationship with local trainers. For two straight years, Ortho Rhode Island physicians have been honored with the Frank Murgo Service Award by the Rhode Island Athletic Trainers’ Association, or RIATA for short. This year’s award, which is named in […]

Dr. Tartaglione Leads the Way with
Minimally Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery

In another big stride for Ortho Rhode Island’s innovative orthopedic care, Dr. Jason Tartaglione is helping pioneer Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) for foot and ankle patients in Rhode Island. With MIS, Dr. Tartaglione performs common orthopedic foot and ankle surgeries using small, minimally invasive incisions in conjunction with special techniques and instruments. If a patient […]

Dr. Anthony DeLuise and Zach Hudson, PA-C Join the Rhode Show to Discuss the Bone Health Clinic

On Thursday, May 5th, Dr. Anthony DeLuise and Zach Hudson, PA-C visited the Rhode Show on channel 12 in honor of National Osteoporosis Month. The two Ortho Rhode Island providers shared how the Bone Health Clinic can help reduce the risk of future breaks for those who have suffered fragility fractures due to osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Dr. Tartaglione Introduces Innovative 3D-Printed Foot Implant
to Rhode Island

Last week, Dr. Jason Tartaglione performed a one-of-a-kind surgery that was also the first of its kind in Rhode Island, using a custom 3D-printed implant to treat a patient’s foot condition. In pioneering this new procedure, Dr. Tartaglione worked with Restor3D, a company that specializes in using 3D printing to create patient-specific custom orthopedic implants. […]

Dr. Anthony Mechrefe Completes Groundbreaking Ankle Procedure at Ortho RI Surgery Center

This month, Dr. Anthony Mechrefe performed nano-operative arthroscopy of the ankle at the Ortho RI Surgery Center in Warwick, the first procedure of its kind performed in an outpatient surgery setting in Rhode Island. Dr. Mechrefe completed the procedure using The NanoScope™ operative arthroscopy imaging system by Arthrex, a pioneer in operative and nano-operative arthroscopy. The […]