A Traditional Approach Wasn’t Right for his Patient, so Dr. DeLuise Innovated

When Ortho Rhode Island surgeon Dr. Anthony DeLuise met an older patient with a fragility fracture of her upper extremity, he turned to an innovative approach tailored to her unique needs.

Research is Driving Robotic-Assisted Surgery at Ortho Rhode Island

While Ortho Rhode Island believes in orthopedic care that puts patients first, their providers also know that great outcomes are driven by hard data. Their commitment to evidence-based quality and research undergirds Ortho Rhode Island’s innovative approach to orthopedics, including their pioneering work with robotic-assisted surgery, in partnership with South County Health.

Dr. Moriarty Explains Innovative Biologics Treatments on The Rhode Show

On Tuesday, June 22nd, Dr. Charlotte Moriarty joined The Rhode Show on channel 12 to discuss state-of-the-art treatments at Ortho RI Biologics like platelet-rich plasma injections, commonly known as PRP.

Ortho Rhode Island Offers FREE Pre-Participation Sports Physical Exams for RIIL High School Athletes

As Rhode Island returns to regular activities such as high school athletics, it’s as important as ever to be prepared. Beginning in July, you can help your high school athlete get ready for the upcoming fall season with a free pre-participation physical exam at Ortho Rhode Island.

Dr. Marchand’s Leadership in Robotics is Featured in the RI Medical Journal

While the past year presented unique obstacles for orthopedic providers, Ortho Rhode Island continued to innovate to push orthopedic care forward for patients. This month, Dr. Robert Marchand was highlighted in the cover story of the latest issue of the Rhode Island Medical Journal.

Dr. Bradley Sits Down with Providence Business News to Talk COVID-19

Dr. Michael Bradley met with Providence Business News to discuss how their providers continued to meet patient needs throughout the pandemic, and the challenges of opening a new flagship campus in Warwick during COVID-19.

The Boston Globe Highlights Ortho Rhode Island’s Dr. Marchand as a Pioneer of Robotic-Assisted Surgery

This month, Ortho Rhode Island’s Dr. Robert Marchand met with The Boston Globe to discuss his leadership in pioneering robotic-assisted procedures, in partnership with South County Health.

Dr. Moriarty Uses State-of-the-art Ortho RI Biologics Treatments to Help Patients Heal

Biologic medicine is helping shape the future of orthopedic care, and Dr. Charlotte Moriarty and Ortho RI Biologics are at the leading edge of this innovative field.

Dr. Bradley Visits The Rhode Show to Discuss Ortho Rhode Island’s New Warwick Campus

On Monday, April 19th, Dr. Michael Bradley visited The Rhode Show on channel 12 to share how the innovative, one-of-a-kind experience at Ortho Rhode Island’s new Warwick Campus benefits orthopedic patients. Watch the full interview below: